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Kids love Nia too! All of Nia's 52 moves can be adapted to suit the needs of children. 


Nia provides a creative and fun way for children to:

  • explore their personal movement potential

  • develop fine and gross motor skills, and improve coordination

  • develop sensory awareness

  • condition and increase fitness levels in an organic and sustainable way

  • learn subject matter (Science, language, Math) in a somatic way

  • engage with music 

  • interact with other children

  • build self-esteem and confidence

  • express themselves through movement

  • acquire tools for relaxation, emotional release and stress relief


I have taught Nia  to children  of all ages, as well as high school students, and am available for both classes and workshops in schools and clubs. I also have experience leading Creative Movement trainings to teachers as part of their professional development. Later this year, I will be leading creative movement trainings and workshops in refugee camps in Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with the international organization Humanity & Inclusion.


If this is something in which your school or organization is interested and you would like to know more, please email me for further information.

Creative Movement and Inclusive Dance Workshop - Mae La Camp, Thailand

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